Coloured Strung Tags Box 1000

Coloured Strung Tags Box 1000


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Coloured Strung Tags Box 1000

Available in 2 sizes

23m 32 x 22mm

25m 45 x 28mm

These pre-strung white tags are ideal for identifying your products, particularly small or delicate items such as jewelry.

These hanging white tags are perfect for labelling your merchandise, and can help supply a more traditional atmosphere in your shop. Items labeled with these strung white tags will enjoy an extra level of exclusivity, conveying a detail oriented approach in your business.

These traditionally shaped jewelry tags are perfect for businesses displaying large numbers of unique products, allowing you to advise customers of prices and clearly indicating which price belongs to which item through the attachment of the string.

Easy to apply by hand, the strung white tags are perfect for labelling high-end items, with enough space to include a hand-written price or price label as required.