44cm White Wooden Suit Hanger

44cm White Wooden Suit Hanger


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44cm White Wooden Suit Hanger



White Angled Suit Hanger with Notches, Bar and Chrome Hook.

Angled coat hangers are ideal for jackets, as they support the shape of the jacket and display it to advantage.  However, they can also be used as a general tops hanger (for shirts and blouses), while the notches sunk into the shoulders mean it can be used as a skirt hanger or to hang ladies’ suits or 2 piece outfits with top and skirt.

Not only that, this angled hanger has a bar as well, so it can be used for ladies’ or men’s jacket and trouser suits.  With this degree of versatility, it’s no surprise that this is one of our most popular hangers. It’s the ‘workhorse hanger’ for many of our retail customers and for the domestic wardrobes alike.

  • 44 x 1.2cm 
  • Box of 100
  • Ideal for jackets and tops