44cm Black Wooden Non-Slip Hanger

44cm Black Wooden Non-Slip Hanger


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44cm Black Wooden Non-Slip Hanger



44cm Black Flat Shirt Hanger with Non-Slip Rubber

This is one of our most versatile and popular hangers as it can be used as a general tops hanger, as well as a shirt hanger or blouse hanger.  It is wide enough to be used for men's garments, but can also accommodate ladies' wear.  Non-slip rubber strips are subtly sunk into the shoulders, so no problems with garments slipping off!

Flat clothes hangers take up less space on the rail, so this hanger is ideal for the wardrobe and the retail customer with limited space.

  • 44cm 
  • Box of 100
  • Ideal for tops, shirts or blouses